Monday, October 3, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Jewellery 

Okay so i just received this sweet as sugar deer on pyrite stone necklace from a small Sydney based designer, and i am smitten as can be.. I did want to keep this little find a secret of mine, but i can't do that to you guys.. 
To own your very own unique piece at a complete steal of a price you can head to the etsy store here:

I am so impressed with with this girl's creations combining cute animal figurines with assorted raw crystals, making a one-off quirky pendent that will have everybody asking 'where did you get that?!' 
You can also keep up to date by liking the Facebook page here



  1. oh so cute!i love the way you photographed them on a book.these would look super sweet in polaroid form<3

  2. Too cute! i want the dear one!! :D

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